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Aesthetic Birth Pool Options

We are so excited to help you plan your birth space, as you prepare to meet your new arrival. Birth is a transformation, an experience which is uniquely yours. In this transition to matrescene via your labour and birth, our goal is for you to feel relaxed, comfortable, safe and supported. We want you to envision a space which not only makes you smile, but also encourages the oxytocin to flow. Our birth pools are a beautiful addition to any birth, and can provide you with a sense of cohesion, calm and trust in your body and its abilities



Introducing the serene 'Luna' birth pool in a soothing and ethereal rose pink hue.

Derived from Latin, 'Luna' translates to moon, symbolizing gentleness and tranquility.

Pink is commonly linked with affection, femininity, and tenderness.

The pool features a gentle rose pink exterior, complemented by a pristine white interior, white handles, and an integrated support pillow.



Introducing the cozy 'Aurora' birth pool in a lively terracotta hue.

The name 'Aurora' is drawn from the stunning display of colors in the aurora borealis, reflecting its natural beauty.

The vibrant terracotta shade adds a warm, earthy touch to your birthing environment.

This pool showcases the bright terracotta color on the exterior, pure white on the interior, white handles, and an integrated support pillow.


Introducing the stunning ‘Serena’ birth pool in an elegant all-white design.

The name "Serena" originates from the Latin word ‘serenus,’ signifying calm, serene, or tranquil.

White, often symbolizing purity, peace, and serenity, is the chosen color.

The pool features a pearlescent white exterior and interior, white handles, and a built-in support pillow.

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